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Yard Sale for Antique and Classic Boat Collectors

I would like to clean out my back yard and part of my shop. Some of the boats I have are usable as is while others need some TLC, but rarely extensive work. Some boats comes with motors and trailers. I used to build several models, mainly oar propelled but some with sail or power. I have 10 boats, paddles, oars, sails, and outboard motors, plus seven molds with templates. Included: line plans and photos of finish product. Can be sold as lot, must see, worth the trip.

For further information contact GaŽtan Pilon by phone at 450-787-2867 or by .

The list of items for sale includes:
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  1. Peterborough Speedster 1951 16ft 9in. length x 5ft wide, intensively modified bottom and deck, cedar strip hull with red cedar side and white cedar deck. Central V with planing pad plus a gentle step. All bronze hardware, glass windshield, and red upholstery. Comes with a 1969 Evinrude 33 hp (one scratched cylinder) and a spare 1973 Evinrude 28 hp. Also trailer with new tires. Fast and able, one-of-a-kind. Located South shore Montrťal. Asking $4600 reduced from $5800
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  3. ***Price Reduced***GP14 1950 center board sailboat. 14ft x 5ft, plywood on batten hull with mahogany framing, seats and floor, bailer, three sails, main, jib and small spinaker wooden mast and boom, flottation bags (3), kick up rudder, rudder handle extension, trap for outboard, trailer with mast support, number 4119 out of 12,500 built, covered with fiberglass cloth and polyester, needs small cosmetic work. Price further reduced to $300 or will accept $500 for this sailboat and the Enterprise Sailboat together. Asking $500 reduced from $800
  4. 1970 Lakefield outboard utility, mahogany cold molded, 14ft 6in. separated front seats with walk through, needs work, inside strip and varnish, outside strip and paint and varnish, plus replace spasher and transom, no trailer, no motor. Asking $400 reduced from $600
  5. 1945 Mahogany cold molded square stern canoe 14ft length x 36 in. wide, around 75 lbs. Very rare, very good condition, may need fresh varnish, over 20 years of storage, no repairs, 48 years of ownership. Sacrifice at $1000 reduced from $1200
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  7. ***Price Reduced***1960 Enterprise, Belle Isle Bearcat center board sailboat, 13ft 3in. x 5ft 3in, two original sails in good shape with wooden hollow mast and boom, original mast and boom supports, one on mast Partner and other at transom, interior and accessories need striping and varnish, all frames, battens, seats and floor are mahogany with ply hull and deck., 20ft mast, two sails, number 9145 out of 21 000 built. Light and performing, even in light air. Price further reduced to $300 or will accept $500 for this sailboat and the GP14 Sailboat together. Asking $500 reduced from $800
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  9. 2011 12' Arbor Vitae, model Sarcelle, lake rowing boat Built by GaŽtan Pilon with glued strips planking covered with glass and epoxy inside and out, added floor with removable panels, two rowing stations, a pair of oars, used just a couple of time as demo. Mint condition. Cost $4250, asking $1600 reduced from $2000.
  10. 1956 19ft Canadian Sedan Utility, cedar strip planking, oak ribs and knees, hull covered with fiberglass, needs intensive clean up inside and out, covered protection over the years, legs of top rotten at the base, top lowered on shear strake for security, transport and storage, transom to be repaired (It has been sheared by the power of the 70 hp outboard motor, comes with plexiglass windshield, early 1980s Evenrude motor with added trim cylinders (very heavy ) 70 hp, a galvanised trailer with Ontario license plate and 15 in. galvanised wheels, ready for the road. Asking $1300 reduced from $1800
  11. The following items are also for sale. Please contact GaŽtan Pilon for further details and prices.

  12. Double sqared end lapstrake dinghy, 7' Price reduced to $200 from $300
  13. Canoe\kayak experimental shape, pine strip , 13', design exercise display model Price reduced to $250 from $500
  14. 12' & 14' freighter cedar rib\strip, oars\motor utility molds ( disassembled ) Price reduced to $100 from $200
  15. Cedarstrip planking BOB Special canoe mold plus working base, 14' canoe, 12' base Price reduced to $100 from $200
  16. Dinghy 'Stern' model, mold, 10, & 11' 6 inch, stations and battens Price reduced to $250 from $500
  17. Catspaw dinghy mold, station and base, versatile, can do 12'9 inch, 13'3 inch, 15' 3 inch, 17' 3 inch x 54 wide and 5' 3 inch wide ( 15' & 17' ) Price reduced to $400 from $600
  18. Sea Bright Skiff mold ( Station ), 16' 7 1\2 inch x 5' Price reduced to $250 from $500
  19. 12' stitch and glue, stations and templates Price reduced to $100 from $300
  20. 12' sailboat ( oars & motor ), stations for strip planking and glue lapstrake Price reduced to $100 from $300