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Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Member Boats - Souch
1965 16 ft. Grew Cruiser 170 and 1950 17 ft. Shepherd Utility

1965 16 ft. Grew Cruiser 170
(Owned by Jeff and Val Souch)

The Souchs found the boat through an estate in September 2007. It had been neglected for several years and was in desperate need of an update. Val thought that it was a crazy purchase, but Jeff could see the potential. Jeff's family had had a new Richardson lapstrake back in the 1960s for several summers, which caused him to be passively looking for a similar boat for years. Once the boat was brought home, they did as much work indoors as they could throughout the winter of 2007/08.

Val used the old upholstery for patterns to sew new seat covers and side panels. The wooden trim was stripped, sanded and refinished, and the brightwork was wet sanded, polished and buffed. Once the weather warmed up the hull was sanded, primed, and painted. New decking was installed and the interior replaced as the summer approached. The engine was overhauled and the boat had her maiden voyage on the day before the Hastings Boat Show in 2009.


The project

Taking Shape

Ready for the Association's 2008 Boat Show in Hastings

2012 Update

October 2011 and time to put Relic away for the winter. It had been a few years since bringing her back to life and we had been considering re-doing the interior. I was also planning to send some of the Shepherd hardware for re-chroming and would include Relic's 46 year old cleats, chocks and navigation light.

In the mid 1960's Grew and Cruisers Inc replaced the mahogany decking and trim on their boats with vinyl clad plywood. This made construction easier, cheaper and virtually maintenance free. Being more of a traditionalist, I prefer the look (and smell, ask anyone with a mahogany boat that has been on a TSABCA run with me) of varnished mahogany. I removed the sliding doors below the engine and also the dashboard before covering her for the season. Over the winter of 2011/2012, I made new sliders from mahogany plywood and veneered the dashboard with mahogany planks. These were stained and received several coats of Epifanes.

April 2012 arrived and it was time to bring Relic back from hibernation. We had already made the decision to replace the pale yellow vinyl with light grey. The seats and side panels were brought into the house. The first step was to take the seats and panels apart. Once the vinyl was removed, Val painstakingly picked the individual pieces apart. New light grey panels were sewn into place with the existing dark grey pieces. After applying new foam to the seats, the covers were reinstalled.

May 2012 and we were anxious to have the facelift finished and launching Relic for the season. I was like a kid on Christmas when my chrome came back from Cambridge - they do such a great job. With the interior back in place and the hardware installed, I gave the hull a fresh coat of paint and re-varnished the spray rails. The windshield frame and rub rails were polished and she was ready for the water with a new refreshed look.

The photos of Relic were taken in July 2012 at the TSACBA Manotick/Westport weekend. You will also notice that the 33 Johnson has been replaced by an early 1970's 40hp Merc for a little added power.

2014 Update

"Back to Basics - Basic white." Relic needed a paint touch-up and I got carried away.

1950 17 ft. Shepherd Utility
(Owned by Jeff and Val Souch)

Acquired in the fall of 2009, this is the next project for the Souches.Stay tuned for updates!

Stripped and Sanded

Left photo, new planked transom; right photo, refinished interior panels & new seats to replace the broken buckets.

Stained and seven coats of varnish

2013 Update

Left photo, fliping over in the garage after a club Shop Day, and right, bottom sanded and ready prior to installing West System.

Left photo, varnished with new registration numbers, right photo, new interior.

All it needs is a motor and she will be ready to go!