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Peterborough Boat Company

Peterborough Boats Advertising of the 1950s

A Seafarer Hardtop on Display at
the Peterborough Boat Company Factory 1950s

In the year 1879, a small group of men, inspired by the idea of producing only high quality merchandise, commenced the manufacturing of Peterborough Canoes. They soon became recognized as the pioneers in small boat building in Canada. For the opening up of the Northern and Western territories of Canada to explorers, prospectors, surveyors, and others whose business took them beyond the lines of railway transportation, the canoe was a necessity. It was in those early days when only the best could stand the test, that the word "Peterborough" first became recognized as meaning "the standard of excellence" in small watercraft. Eighty years later, as a result of strictly adhering to quality policy, Peterborough watercraft became famous the world over, and the company enjoyed a reputation which was unsurpassed in the boat building industry. The company had its own lumber yard to enable the best selection of materials, a planing mill, a well equipped plant, and many highly skilled men who took pride in their workmanship. It expanded from the sturdy canoes of the late 1800s to sailing dinghies, sporty motor boats, and Express Cruisers of the 1950s. A momentous occasion for the Peterborough Boat Company was the personally crafted 12 foot cedar strip canoe presented to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip as a wedding gift in 1948.

Thanks to Association member Dwight Boyd for providing the above information.

Below are photos of the wide variety of Peterborough Boats, some owned by Association Members as noted.

1955 16 ft. Peterborough Royal
Bruce Casey

1958 16 ft. Peterborough Royal
David Dobbin

14 ft. 1956 Peterborough Comet
Ron Jelley

1951 15 ft. Canadian Canoe Company Avalon
Tim Jackson

1958 16 ft. Peterborough Jupiter
Murray Parnell

1929 12 ft. Peterborough Craft Autoboat
Murray Parnell

1951/2001 Peterborough Speedster
Gaetan Pilon

1939 16 ft. Peterborough Ambassador
Prior Smith

16 ft. Peterborough Canoe
Possibly circa 1900
Keith Robinson

15 ft. Peterborough Handy Boy
Keith Robinson

1924 24 ft. Peterborough Long Deck Launch Autocraft
Ken Kirk

Some Peterborough Canoes