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Third Annual Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival on the Napanee River Friday June 10 to Sunday June 12, 2016.

Write up and photos provided by Kay Moore
Market Square photos provided by Jim and Merridy Watt
Sunday morning photos provided by Catherine Mcleod
Video provided by Ronny Haylock
Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival

Eleven TSACBA boat owners accepted the invitation, once again, to display our boats at the Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival.

Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival

Friday afternoon most of us displayed our boats from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. at the Market Square in downtown Napanee. An OPP Officer provided security for the afternoon. This allowed us to enjoy lunch downtown, browse some stores, and check-in at the Masterson Motel.

Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival

A few of us had an interesting lunch experience at “John’s” restaurant. John is a slightly bent, shaking, soft spoken, 87 year old, who enjoys sharing his life story, beginning with his emigrating from Greece in 1948. John took our orders - without paper or pen, brought our drinks, cooked our lunch, served the food, and took our money as we left. Unbelievably, he was quicker than some of the fast food restaurants and the food was quite delicious.

Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival

The Napanee Fire Chief, with lights flashing, led our parade of boats from the downtown to the Riverfront Park, where they were on land display until 8 p.m. Greater Napanee Riverfront FestivalDuring the evening TSACBA club members were honoured at a VIP reception on the waterfront patio of the “Waterfront Pub.” We were treated to a complimentary drink, hot and cold finger foods, and marine decorated cupcakes. Shortly after 8 p.m, our boats were locked in the Municipal Works Department compound for the night.

For once the weather man was correct and Saturday we awoke to a very gloomy, rainy morning. However, as predicted the skies began clearing by the time the Waterfront Festival began at 9 a.m.

Club members did what we do best – socialized with each other, offered info about our boats while promoting our hobby, and watched the other festivities. From our dock vantage point we watched canoe and kayak races, paddleboard demos, Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival32 foot Voyageur canoe paddling tug of war, Tai Chi, Greater Napanee Riverfront Festivaland could listen to the music on the stage. A group of ladies walked up town to shop.

Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival
Below left, George and Kay Moore's boat; below right, Jim and Merridy Watt's Boat
Below Linda and Rich Hughes Boat
Below Richard and Charlotte Hughes Boat
Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival

In the later afternoon a few of us took our boats on a leisurely ride down the Napanee River, past Deseronto and under the long bridge on Hwy #49.

The wonderful day culminated in a tailgate party in the motel parking lot, while waiting for everyone to transform from boating to dinner attire. Dashing Doug Potts won first place for “best dressed,” apparently with the assistance of his wife Kathy. Close second places were “T-Shirt” Tim and Val adorned in her newly purchased butterfly scarf. The group enjoyed dinner at “The Loaf and Ale” Restaurant.

Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival

Sunday morning proved windy and cold but we’re hardy boaters so we donned layers of clothing, picked up our boats at the lockdown and displayed on land at the park. A complimentary breakfast of golden pancakes and nicely seared sausages was served by the Napanee OPP. A Big Band Orchestra and Celtic Music entertained, and some browsed the “Art In The Park” displays until we tarped our boats and headed down the highway for home.

Another well-organized fun event.

Video of our great weekend in Napanee

Great weekend at the Festival wrapped up on Sunday morning.