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Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
4th Annual May Gathering and Pot Luck BBQ, May 9, 2015
Past President John Gullick's Home

Write up provided by John Gullick
Photos provided by Charlotte Hughes

This year's May event was held again at the Gullicks but this year they had moved from their farm property East of Peterborough to a new century home in Lakefield.

The day started at 10 a.m. and all of Johnís boats were on display including the introduction of the new 1960 Leavens Victory which is now almost complete. Transom, floor, hull and paint by Ronny Haylock. Design by John Gullick and interior by Linda Hughes. You bet your ass its glass.

Shortly after 10:30 a.m., Brad Watt, Past President Jim Watt's eldest son, owner and master chef of RARE in Peterborough, gave a very interesting presentation on how to prepare and cook steak on the barbie. Brad shared some of his preferences in types of cuts, how to best prepare those various cuts and when, what type and how to use salt, pepper and oil. He also shared recipes for a demi glaze and a special mustard. At the same time he had to contend with Jim, Statler and Waldorf, and was complimented on the fact that he did not get into the mysteries of bean sprouts and tofu.

Those of us who were there in the morning learned a great deal about what to do and, probably more important, what not to do when barbecuing. It was a great presentation and our sincere thanks go out to Brad for his hard work and presentation, to Jim for setting things up, and to Murray Parnell for the idea.

Following Bradís presentation we all got to savor the results of his work. Once he had departed the group, now numbering about 30, spent the next hour sharing pot luck desserts and salads and peameal bacon on a bun. It was a great social time, stories were shared, questions posed and answered, and thoughts of the upcoming boating season enjoyed.

It was a great day for those who attended and it looks like it is becoming an annual social event not to be missed.

Next up was the Fenelon Falls Country Living Show, our third event this year with many more to come.

Thanks to all who helped out and to all those who were able to attend and bring some great grub.

You can view videos of John's 1960 Leavens restoration on our Find Out How To... page. Below is a video of the gathering at the Gullicks.