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Restoration of "Lady Guinevere" 1964 17 ft. Greavette Sunflash - Custom

Rich and Linda Hughes

Jan. 2007

Linda bought the 17 foot Greavette Sunflash in a “grey” state during a Guys and Garage tour at the Hendren shop.

Although it was lacking varnish and stripped of its hardware, it still showed potential for a usable day trip boat. The cockpit was of good size, and the Mercruiser outdrive gives more maneuverability than direct drives, especially during locking. The Greavette was brought home and assessed for damage. Since there were two other boats in the shop at the time, not much could be done other than sending out the hardware for re-chrome and laying out the steel for welding up a new trailer.

When the customer boats finished up in the early spring of 2008, the Greavette was brought in and work started. It was soon apparent that a number of the frames as well as the stringers needed replacing in addition to the skin. At this point it was decided that it would be faster and better to construct an entirely new boat as opposed to trying to “patch up” the old one. The Greavette was leveled up, measurements taken, and then sectioned to get rough frame profiles. Then it was off to the drafting table to redraw the new lines. Since practicality and not authenticity was the priority, the Greavette was redrawn with more rake on the bow and more tumblehome at the transom.

From the drawings, the new frames were templated out and cut. At this point, early summer was approaching, and it was time to put it away to make room for the tops and mooring covers season. Work started back up again after 2008 Thanksgiving. The new frames and stringers were assembled, and then the structure was skinned with two layers of ¼” plywood and cloth. After the boat was flipped upright, the floor and ceilings were fit, and then the seats were built. The entire interior was then removed and given to Linda to start the large task of upholstery. While the upholstery is being done, work will continue on the deck.

The deck framing for the Greavette requires the engine to be temporarily installed in order to measure for clearances. The original 110 hp 4 cylinder Mercruiser was scrapped in favor of a newer 205 hp V6. The exhaust risers on the V6 resulted in a larger hood scoop being built into the rear hatch.

With measurements taken, the engine was removed and the deck framing put into place. At this point, backing was put in to accommodate, windshield brackets, step pads and cleats. After the 1st layer of plywood was glued on the framing, a layer of cloth and epoxy was then put down before the mahogany outer skin went on. Fairing of both deck and hull came next. On completion of the fairing, the deck was stained and about four coats of varnish applied which provided a good seal on the wood.

The finishing was then switched to the hull to spray on the black and the white waterline. With the hull completed, it was back to the deck to first pre-fit the windshield then continue on with another 8 coats of varnish. Installing the deck hardware is always a nice job because you get to see what the final product will look like. Engine and drive and all mechanical and electrical were installed over a two week period. Lots of time consuming work at this stage. The interior was the last to be installed before the boat was loaded on its new trailer.

DONE and Ready to Fly! ..... First Water test: August 1, 2009

The water test showed only a prop change, and throttle and shift adjustments. Overall a much enjoyed project.

"Lady Guinevere" made her debut at the Manotick Antique & Classic Boat Club's boat show on August 8 where she took the Best Contemporary Boat in Show Award.

The following weekend, she thrilled many spectators and Association members at the Association Boat Show in Hastings, Ontario. where she took the Captain's Choice Award, and "Nick's Choice" - an award given by the Association for an outstanding vessel!