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Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

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This page contains links to a variety of articles from boat restoration to tips on other aspects of boating...useful information you need when on land working on your boat in your garage or when on the water enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Share Your Restoration Photos

Murray Parnell has asked other members to send Ronny Haylock, photos of their restorations so Ronny can continue producing videos for our wesite. In this way we can show wood and glass boats being restored.

View the restoration work so far on new member Ken Robinson's - 1960? Peterborough Handyboy runabout

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Featured below is a 1954 16 ft Delcraft that was manufactured in Barrie, Ontario, and is owned by Steve and Annette Thomson.Steve restored the boat himself last year.


There are Changes in Applying for a Pleasure Craft License announced by Transport Canada. You now have two options to help you request your free Pleasure Craft License: electronically (new) or by post. Full Details

View restoration and TSACBA Event videos by visiting member Ronny Haylock's YouTube site on the Internet.

1960 Leavens Restoration

John Gullick's 1960 Leavens has headed for surgery and repair. The boat was on display at the TSACBA Shop Day on March 7, 2015 in Havelock.

View videos of the restoration:

1. 1960 Leavens Victor Boat Part 1.

2. 1960 Leavens Victor Boat Part 2.

3. 1960 Leavens Victor Custom .

Classic Glass
Classic Glass

More Classic Glass

TSACBA member Ronny Haylock has rescued a 1959 Red Fish that will undergo major restoration. It will be on display at the RPM Bot Show in Havelock, July 17 to 19, 2015. View the YouTube Video.

Installing A Wood Deck
By Rich Hughes

The question of deck replacement is commonly asked by people trying their hand at boat restoration. This is a method introduced to me by Dwight Boyd of Clarion Boats almost 25 years ago, and which I can now say has stood the test of time. Enjoy. Read More

Restoration of 1972 13ft Checkmate MX13
By Murray Parnell

I first saw this 1972 Checkmate the summer of 72 and fell in love at the age of 11.After going for a ride I told the original owner I wanted to buy it when ever it was for sale. Read More

General Interest Articles
By John Gullick

Inflatable life jackets make you comfortable when anoeuvring your boat on the water, but there are things you need to know to care for them properly. Get the fact in the article How to Care for Your Inflatable

A majority of antique and classic boat owners need to trailer their boats to a launch ramp or to a show they may be participating in through the TSACBA or another group. Do you know the best and safest way? Find out in the aricle Transportation and Trailering

Your anituqe or classic vessel may already have a license number but how do you keep the original license number that is on the vessel you are restoring? John tells you how in the article How to License an Antique or Classic Boat.

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