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Aboard the KAWARTHA SPIRIT - July 17th, 2010

Boarding at 6 pm - Drop off at 11 pm - Fenelon Falls Departure
Website: Fenelon Boat Cruises

Article submitted by Doug Barrett

Well, it was a busy weekend around the house for home improvements and Saturday, July 17th at 4:30pm was no exception. I was literally installing the new kitchen door and locks just in time to lock our kids in the house so that Bianca and I could make a mad dash for Fenelon Falls.....from Norwood!

I dropped her at the dock and parked and again.....was literally the last person to step foot on the cruise boat! Where’s the BAR! It was a great night with a slight breeze but warm enough that you could remove jackets and I even wore shorts! An evening of dinner & dance with live musical entertainment provided by the Truax family (a.ka. The Partridge Family). The Crew pulled up the ramps as the Captain fired up the engines and we did a 360 degree turn in the channel and headed into the lock. It’s always interesting with the view from the inside out once you make the effort....I mean we’re always watching other people leaving on the boat tours.....but now it’s our turn to sit back and relax.

Fenelon Falls Boat Cruises offers scenic cruises on the Trent-Severn Waterway in the Kawartha Lakes region. The cruise boat, the "Kawartha Spirit" is the largest Canadian Coast Guard approved vessel serving the Kawarthas. We cruised the picturesque lake to enjoy the scenery. The boat wasn’t packed which made it nice when moving around the decks and chatting with others around you. The cruise began in the quaint village of Fenelon Falls. We cruised through the highest chamber lock on the lower Trent-Severn Waterway, past the falls, limestone gorge, and along the Fenelon River out onto beautiful Sturgeon Lake. We then set a heading for Sturgeon Point, known locally as "Millionaires Row" where we viewed the prestigious homes and summer cottages nestled in amongst the pines.

We passed the huge “cottage”, I think it was 5700sqft., along the way that the captain pointed out. When asked....”so who actually lives there?” Well, he said....”if you really must know it’s my ex-wife!” (Tongue in cheek). But the best part of the night was the Truax family....Pam, Dan and son Nathan who were joined by a local friend of theirs to crank out some really great tunes! Now, I like my music and I’m not partial to one genre in particular and will listen to anything from Classical Bach up to Rockers like Led Zeppelin and anything in it was great to hear a variety of well played music! This night most were in the mood to just hang at the table, have a few drinks and listen and enjoy the view. After a session we were all herded down below to line up for our dinner....ham, pineapple, green beans, potato...etc. The desert and coffee hit the spot before finishing and heading back upstairs to get the music thumping again. At one point I blurted out.....”You’re just like the Partridge Family” to which a responsive moan came from the band!

As we turned around out in the lake and headed back to port the sun began to fall from the sky and the sunset was really nice to see. The gang played every variety of music to the enjoyment of all and and Charlotte Hughes...were up dancing away! Dick Hughes had to cut in for the next song though. We finished up at the bottom of the lock and everyone departed after saying our good-byes and lamenting about the Truax group. It was a fun night out and we are all appreciative of the effort Dan and Pam put into getting us all was really a captive audience!