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Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Chemong Yacht Haven Run September 23, 2012

Sunday September 23 was a perfect day for boating with a weather forecast that was changing hourly with the only sure things being rain, gusty winds and cool temperatures.

Ann and I arrived at Chemong Yacht Haven using the excellent directions sent out ahead of time by Rich and the TSACBA organizers and launched the old Handy Boy and paddled over to a nearby dock. I was reluctant to start the motor at the ramp despite this motor having been with me for 25 years with nary a problem. At the dock it did give us carb trouble but we were kindly billeted into Andrew M's boat by Jim and probably had the best ride of the day in Andrew's comfortable boat with top. There was a great turnout on the water with cedar strip, custom and mahogany boats of the traditional, modern and racing variety. Watching the faces of the fisherman as we passed under the causeway said it all. Our tourtook us all the way down to the south end of Chemong and back where discretion and looming dark clouds suggested we might want to move on to the next stage of our itinerary. As we pulled the boats out we were entertained by some flybys by Little Miss Canada and Rich who did his best to challenge.


My able "mate", Annie, was helpful as always paddling our oversized canoe (with 35hp anchor on transom) in circles in the general direction of the ramp before being rescued by Rob Parnell. Next she took a turn at winching the boat up on the trailer prompting Jim to question what my role was in all this. The answer being, I cooked the meatballs!

With boats on trailers I asked how we get to Philpotts to learn we were already there. Ah. This day was about to get even more interesting. We headed over to the big shed doors and entered boaters' heaven. You've surely heard the story now how the building started as an army drill hall in Peterborough before moving to Chemong Lake to become a dance hall, yacht club and now the Philpotts giant playhouse. How cool is that. Of course the building is just the start as the boats, bikes, cars and trucks were the icing on the cake. To complete the story is a complete workshop and beautifully decorated home all undervthe same roof. We feasted on a wonderful buffet of food that kept us all going back for more. If the club is ever considering a new direction, I think we should consider event catering - we certainly have the talent. So thanks to everyone who contributed food to the day including our club bbq'rs and their bacon - o n - a - bun entree.

As always Rich, Jim and the club did a great job organizing the event and ensuring a great time was had by all - even those without (working) boats.

A special thank you to the Philpotts too for opening their home and dance floor for this event. Submitted by Peter Johnston