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Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Christmas Dinner and Annual General Meeting November 28, 2015

Photos and write up provided by Catherine McLeod

A highly successful dinner/auction at the Best Western, Peterborough on November 28, 2015 was attended by 50 members of the TSACBA.

Silent auction items were both interesting and varied and brought in a good profit for the club and everyone enjoyed the party games after dinner. President Jeff Souch welcomed everyone and outlined some of the 15 previous events that took place over the past year...many more than the TSACBA has planned in previous years. During the evening a series of videos showing some of these events was on display for everyone to reminisce.

Past President and current Director Jim Watt wasted no time in starting to announce winners of the many quality silent auction items that were up for bid. A popular item was the two home made pies contibuted by Charlotte Hughes who looks after Membership for the Association.

Everyone enjoyed socializing prior to the dinner.

Pam McDougall and Val Souch were busy registering guests as they arrived and handing out name tags.

Jeff conducted the annual general meeting held following our dinner. He updated everyone on our membership numbers and some of the statistics that show how many visitors we have on our website and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Treasurer Val Souch delivered the good news that no "donation bucket" was required as the Association's finances are in good shape.

A special presentation of a gift card was made to Webmaster/Newsletter Editor Catherine McLeod for the work she has done on the TSACBA website and Twitter and Facebook pages.

Past President and current Director John Gullick encouraged everyone to take advantage of visiting Mark's in Peterborough to have the Association logo put on an article of clothing they can purchase at the store at a discount using the card provided with your membership. He said you can also take in your own piece of clothing to have the logo affixed. He also asked members to sign up if they wished to order an inflateable PFD with the Association logo on it. The logo needs to be put on at the manufacturer and cannot be added after or the PFD will not be legal.

John's other duties for the evening included calling tables for the trip to the buffet for dinner and having everyone thank the Best Western staff for the excellent meal!

For the first time this year the TSACBA participated in the Second Annual Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival on the Napanee River held in June (view photos and videos). Ray Callery and Michelle King from Napanee were on hand at the dinner to make a presentation regarding the 2016 Greater Napanee Riverfront Festival encouraging TSACBA to once again participate. Each couple attending the Christmas dinner received a Christmas decoration reminder for the 2016 show and a goodie shopping bag from Napanee containing brochures, information, discount cards, and gifts from local merchants. The representatives handed out the agenda brochure that was used in 2015 and presented a proposed agenda brochure for 2016 when the show will focus on youth in the community, explaining the event will involve interaction between local school children and the TSACBA as part of the festivities.

Following the AGM, various names were drawn for door prizes. Winners of two tickets each to the Toronto International Boat Show in January included Bill Barthorpe, Ronny Haylock, and Carol Charles. Ruth Bissett won two tickets to the NHL Alumni vs Law Enforcement All Stars Hockey Game and Daryl Bissett won a hat, shirt, and blanket.

Then a new game was presented to enliven the evening's festivities. Each person was given two playing cards. Val Souch then started calling out card suits and numbers, and the person with the matching card could pick one of several prizes.

The trick was that as the game progressed, the person with a matching card could instead "steal" a prize from someone else. This event caused great excitement and despite Val's warning that while some of the prizes were quite nice items, many were also "joke" prizes, one box (pictured at right) generated a lot of excitement as it was "stolen," sometimes even before the person who had previous "stolen" it could sit down! In the end, when the game was finished and everyone opened the prizes, this one in particular turned out to contain a bag of bird seed!

The last event of the evening was a rousing game of Shippo that proved popular for those who brought a looney and four quarters to the dinner (at Jeff's request).

A huge thank you to everyone involved in planning this successful event. If you can ever measure success at this sort of gathering, it is usually in the timing of the guests leaving and activities were still going strong at 10 p.m.!