Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association

The purpose of this Association is to promote and enjoy the preservation and usage of antique watercraft by including its members in social events and communication.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Spring Workshop, April 18, 2015

Information provided by Wally Hicks
Photos provided by Rich Hughes

Wayne'sOn Saturday, April 18, 2015, TSACBA held its spring workshop and garage sale, at Wayne Robinson's in Port Perry. It was a sunny day and a well attended event with six diverse presenters and several venders with everything nautical, even racing motors.


The presenters were:

Prior Smith, on the history, construction and feature points, of Lakefield boats.

Ken Kirk, the history of the Canadian Johnson Outboard Motor Co., 1926-1936, that built both motors and cedar strip boats.

John Gullick, on current vessel licencing. This became an interactive presentation.

Wayne Robinson, John Gullick, and Ken Laviolette, on the history of the Aristo Craft Boat Comp., of Atlanta GA.. Wayne has five of these show winning boats, on display and Ken played the main role in their restoration.

Rick Potts, displayed and discussed his two radio controlled 1/6 scale boats. They were replicas of his father's Scott 20 ft. inboard and E class racing hydro.

Randy Milligan, gave a talk and slide presentation on Miss Timex, an unlimited class hydro, he purchased in Seattle WA., and had trailered here. He plans on showing it this year in its present condition, before starting the restoration process.

The day was very informative, and showed what a diverse knowledge, our members have.

Watch the video of the workshop provided by Ronny's Marine.