Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association

Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Spring Workshop, April 14, 2012

Our annual Spring workshop this year set record numbers,,, again. The past 4 years have been a steady increase in the attendance numbers. Four years ago, an attendance of 30 people was considered a good turn out. This year the number has tripled that, topping out at more than 90.

The last two workshops have been at Wayne Robinsonís on Island Road in Port Perry. One of the main features has been the flea market which has increased in vendor numbers. Almost all the areas of boating are covered by the vendors. From the brochures of when your boat was new to the engines and materials you need to keep it looking good, and even the model of it to display on your mantle. Between shopping, there were spoken topics and demonstrations put on by Ken Kirk, Wayne Robinson, John Gullick and Ken Lavellette. Thanks to all those involved and especially to Wayne Robinson and Ken Kirk for being our hosts.

The growing success of the workshop is largely due to the many hours put in by the volunteers. As the number of participants grow, so does the number of volunteers. Itís not an easy task putting on something of this scale, and we will need more help in the future with the workshop and other events. This is an open invitation asking members if they can lend a helping hand. Keep supporting your club, and help out when you can.

To help out, contact:, Events Co-ordinator.

The two photos immediately below shoe a rib coming out of the steamer box, left, and being put into a boat, right. Other photos from the workshop are shown below.