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The purpose of this Association is to promote and enjoy the preservation and usage of antique watercraft by including its members in social events and communication.

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New Price on Boat for Sale
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ImportantYou are cordially invited to the first of many 2015 TSACBA events. March 7, 2015 Shop Day at Ronnys Marine, 6725 Highway 7, East of Havelock. Ronny has over 30 years experience restoring & repairing all makes of fine watercraft and has graciously opened his shop to allow us to see what is involved in restoring Classic Glass Boats - after all, classics are not just wood anymore. Check out full details for this event and join in the fun! New members always welcome!


Visit our NEW Find Out How To... page where you will find links to information you need to know including Installing a New Wood Deck, How to Care for Your Inflatable, Transportation and Trailering, How to Licence an Antique or Classic Boat, and other information.


A NEW Class from ACBS International
A new class of antique and classic boats has been added this year, namely, Late Classic 1975-1990, 25 years prior to the current year. This is for wood and non wood boats but only certain hulls and does not include pontoons, inflatables and personal watercraft.

Scroll down the page for a complete listing of the various classes for antique and classic boats.

Share Your Love of Antique and Classic Boats
Restoring the boat of your dreams? Have advice on the best way to repair or update your vessel? Does your boat have a special history that is of interest to antique boat buffs? Share your information with other TSACBA members! Send your photos and information to Mooring Line Newsletter Editor for inclusion in one of our newsletters (and we can also share it on our website).

View photos from the Toronto International Boat Show featuring local antique and classic boats, including glass and more photos from The Toronto Sportsmen's Show February 5-8, 2015.

Looking for winter reading about antique and classic boats? Visit Thousand Islands Life Magazine Archives and scroll through for stories on wooden boats.

LinkLink returns home after 64 years. TSACBA members have made a major contribution to the new Thousand Islands Antique Boat Museum opened this summer in Gananoque, Ontario, by donating a 1950 15’ Heron cedar strip boat made by Link Manufacturing of Gananoque Ontario along with a a restored 1950 Johnson QD 10 built in Peterborough. Read more and see photos of the Link, the motor, and the museum


This website is intended to promote the excitement and appreciation our Association feels for antique watercraft. We hope that it will encourage the ongoing preservation of these fine historical vessels.

Have young children that you want to bond with? Restore a wood boat and pass on a talent and piece of history.

As we all get older, and we look at our birth certificates, one can make the connection that we won’t be able to rebuild ALL of our collection.

If you have the urge and want to donate a boat that needs some work, donating it to a young family can get them interested in Wooden Boats as a Family event. This is a wonderful way to introduce families who have never had a chance to work with a wood boat to own one. This is also a wonderful way to perpetuate our club by introducing young families to wood boat ownership.

By giving a hand up, this will help ensure the longevity of our clubs. Read the story and see photos of a recently gifted boat to the Tekauc Family.

To view photos and information on our various events visit our photo gallery. There you will also find archived photos and information on the Association's attendance at various boat shows and events.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Association visit our Membership page or download our Membership Application. On the Membership page information can be found on ordering Association regalia. For more information on the Association, read current and past issues of our Mooring Line newsletter. For those of you who are already Association members, you can download the renewal form, fill it out, and send it to the Association.

Please do not direct questions pertaining to the value of your boat to this Association. We are not in the position to quote accurate appraisals due to the many variables such as market fluctuations, difficulty in assessing the condition of a boat through email descriptions and pictures, etc. However, with the diversity of knowledge of various Association members, we will be happy to answer any general questions if at all possible.

Classification of antique and classic vessels:

    Historic: A boat built up to and including 1918
    Antique: A boat built between 1919 and 1942 inclusive
    Classic: A boat built between 1943 and 1975 inclusive.
    These age classifications apply to both boats and motors
    NEW: Late Classic 1975-1990, 25 years prior to the current year. This is for wood and non wood boats but only certain hulls and does not include pontoons, inflatables and personal watercraft.
    Early Contemporary: A wooden boat built 1976 to 1986
    Late Contemporary: A wooden boat built within the last 25 years

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