Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association

The purpose of this Association is to promote and enjoy the preservation and usage of antique watercraft by including its members in social events and communication.

Antique Boats
Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Our History

The Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association, based in Peterborough, Ontario, was formed in 1984, after a series of local antique boat owners, with the persuasion from Parks Canada, held shows in the reach below the Peterborough Lift Lock. An official club was formed as membership grew to approximately 60 members in the late 1980s. Year round events were promoted, such as larger shows held on Little Lake, and hosting the original Heritage Canoe Festival in February of each year in conjunction with the Canadian Canoe Museum (also located in Peterborough).

Antique Boats However, during the early 1990s, the Club became almost dormant, which was a disappointment to many who were in awe of these fine heritage watercraft. Fortunately, some of the original founders of the club maintained their enthusiasm, which kept the Association afloat, and with some campaigning and persuasiveness, have revitalized the Association to a healthy membership of approximately 150 members!

Antique Boats With the renewed interest of many members, the Association now holds regular meetings, has numerous summer "on the water/use your boats" activities, and hosts learning workshops for its members. The hugely successful "Guys in Their Garages" Tour of 2007 enable the Association to make a generous donation to the Canadian Canoe Museum.

The Association is proudly promoting junior memberships in the hopes of acquiring area youth as interested members to carry on the love and preservation of antique watercraft. Sponsorship for junior memberships has been generously received from area businesses, and some Association members are involved with a local high school to restore and build wooden boats through the Duke of Edinburgh program.

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