Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association

The purpose of this Association is to promote and enjoy the preservation and usage of antique watercraft by including its members in social events and communication.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Member Boats - Harrison

(Owned by Doug Harrison)

We started this project about threeyears ago and did some other projects along the way. We did everything ourselves. Steering wheel, dash and instrument panel, cherry windshield brackets (just couldn't lay out the dollars for the chromed bronze!), upholstery, SS rubrails cut from 1 1//2" SS tubing, and nearly all the deck hardware. I enjoyed every minute of it. Boat is powered by a 300 hp. Ford 351W A rocket ship off the line. Nosy inside the cockpit but a fun and comfortable ride.

Here is a picture of one of our more recent previous vessels people may have seen. It is a Glen L Titan tug we built and used extensively.